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The powerlessness to hear from Baba Oruç spread quickly in Alexandria. Upon the news, Kilic Bey upheld Hizir Reis and Niko to find Baba Oruc and his levents; Sahin Bey and his group had headed out to find a hint of Baba Oruc and his levents in the oceans. Baba Oruc and his levents spurned the snares set for them, however were at last gotten on the ruined rocks by the merciless fighters sent by Pietro and bolts were drawn on them. How might Baba Oruc and the levents escape this cinch? Hizir Reis saw the thin pass wherein Baba Oruc tumbled from far off and needed to make a move to help. In any case, Sahin Bey was an impediment. Can Hizir Reis arrive at the guide of Oruc Agha by passing Sahin Bey’s impediment?

Despina, who discovered that Oruc vanished while battling forever and demise in the oceans, faults Isabel. As indicated by Despina, Isabel was envious of their marriage and attempted each way of taking Oruc from her, yet when she fizzled, she attempted to kill Oruc. Despina, who overwhelmed the cabin by filling her own brain along these lines, lifted her hand to Isabel. What will this contention, which has arrived at its last stage, lead to among Isabel and Despina? Can Baba Oruc escape from where he is stuck and translate who the snares set for him have a place with? Can Cafer uncover the Şahin and Sylvio triangle?

In Barbaroslar Episode 7, The cannons on Antuan’s boat start to fire at Oruj. Oruj quickly makes a move to save the boat and requests that his group fire back. In the mean time, Radko stops Khizir in the woods and catches Esther. Sylvio says he will kill every one of the kids in the halfway house, and Isabel consents to get back. Antuan understands that Oruj is attempting to get away and attempts to draw nearer to his boat. Jafer utilizes the fire on the boat to explode the dangerous situations. Antuan thinks Oruj is dead after this immense blast and returns. Oruj recuperates after the blast and attempts to save Ilyas. A Mamluk warrior is killed in Isabel’s hotel that evening by somebody strange. The destitute kids Esther helps save Niko and Khizir. At the point when Khizir awakens, he tells that he is Oruj’s sibling and asks where Esther is.

Sylvio informs Isabel regarding the man killed in the motel and asks her not to converse with Oruj any longer. Oruj and his companions go to a remote location. Oruj understands that Ilyas’ injury is significant and quickly makes a move to save him. Pietro discovers that Radko has found the book and is exceptionally cheerful. Oruj makes a fire with the brambles he finds and attempts to close up Ilyas’ injury. Ishaq goes to Sylvio’s office and brutally cautions him. Golem lets Isabel know that the killed man is furtively attempting to open a shipyard at Alexandria. Khizir goes to the hotel and asks Isabel for help, however this arrangement fizzles. Hayrabay additionally goes to the motel and starts asking Isabel inquiries about the killed man. Isabel says she is honest and thinks nothing about this episode. Antuan gets back to Kalymnos and says he killed Oruj.

Pietro begins asking him inquiries and understands that Antuan didn’t see Oruj’s dead body. Pietro requests that his officers find Oruj’s body. A few transients who go to the hotel upset the ladies there and a battle starts. Radko attempts to examine Esther and asks her regarding the book. Sylvio discovers that the boat he sent with Oruj has vanished and gets extremely irate. That evening, Oruj embarks to find the barrels on the boat and goes to the ocean. Khizir is exceptionally irate that he lost the book and starts asking Dervish inquiries. Dervish says everything is typical and afterward Khizir goes to Oruj’s home. Oruj finds two barrels that stayed flawless after the blast and carries them to the island. One of these barrels is loaded with water so all mariners endure.

Sylvio lets Isabel know that the boat they shipped off Thessaloniki was assaulted by somebody. The following morning, Oruj has a fantasy. Oruj does battle with his companions however feels terrible. Oruj then, at that point, sees somebody conveying the banner of triumph and starts following him with his pony. Oruj understands that this man is Fatih Sultan Mehmet and starts conversing with him. Fatih asks Oruj not to lose trust and to continue to attempt regardless. Oruj before long awakens and needs to fabricate a pontoon utilizing the trees on the island. Golem goes to Oruj’s home and tells that Isabel is sitting tight for Khizir at the hotel. Khizir misleads Ishaq and sets off. Radko arrives at Kalymnos and gives the book he seized to Pietro with Esther.

Isabel tells Khizir that Oruj’s boat has been assaulted. Khizir thinks Oruj and Ilyas are as yet alive and asks Isabel for a boat to look for them. Isabel says it is preposterous to expect to give Khizir a boat and apologizes to him. Pietro attempts to get Esther to talk, yet can’t take in a single thing from her. One of Oruj’s companions attempts to kill Jafer, yet Oruj stops him. If all else fails, Khizir goes to Kilic’s home and lets him know what befell Oruj. Kilic says he will help Khizir and requests that he quiet down. Sahin discovers that Oruj’s boat has been lost and attempts to conceal this data from his dad. Kilic first addresses Sahin and afterward subtly to Golem. Khizir gets back and discreetly tells Ishaq that Oruj has vanished. Ishaq gets extremely upset and says he needs to be distant from everyone else.

Oruj takes a gander at the birds around the island and thinks there may be an island close by. Oruj and a couple of mariners swim to find an island. Kilic goes to Oruj’s home with Khizir and starts conversing with Ishaq. Giovanni checks Esther’s condition at the prison cell. Dervish discovers that Khizir went to search for Oruj and says all will be great soon. Khizir takes Kilic’s boat and starts searching for Oruj with Sahin. Oruj tracks down a little boat in the ocean, however these men assault them. Oruj stops the aggressors and gets back with their boat to recover Ilyas. Khizir finds the townspeople that Oruj safeguarded before are looking for them. The locals determine what Oruj did. Khizir quickly makes a move to go to this town. Esther escapes from the prison with a blade she took from Giovanni, however Pietro gets her before long.

At the point when Sahin arrives at this town, he finds Jafer’s man. Jafer’s man requests that Sahin save him and compromises him. Sahin punches the man to not uncover his past arrangement he made with Jafer and starts contending with Khizir. Sahin says the man lied and embarks to the ocean again to search for Oruj. Oruj gets back to the remote location with the little boat he found and requests that his companions get ready for the journey. In the mean time, a gathering of privateers goes to the island and starts assaulting Oruj. Despina faults Isabel for what befell Oruj and goes to the hotel to contend with her. Khizir sees a remote location somewhere out there and says he needs to control it, however Sahin says he would not like to imperil individuals on the boat. Upon this, Khizir and Sahin begin to battle once more. Oruj kills most assailants. The head of these privateers goes to the island with new troopers and says he will kill Oruj without a doubt.

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